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Dr Francesco Montomoli

Reader in Computational Aerodynamics, RAEng Enterprise Fellow, Department of Aeronautics

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About us

The Lab is led by Dr Montomoli and works on Uncertainty Modelling with applications to aerospace, aircraft engines including geometrical errors and multiphysics effects. The lab is also working on Additive Manufacturing.

Uncertainty Quantification

One of the most important area of research in our lab is the impact of rare events (Black Swans). Our UQ platform is able to consider such possibility and minimize their impact in engineering applications. Development of several tecniques such as Monte Carlo Methods with Response Surfaces, Probabilistic Collocation Methods, Stochastic Collocation Methods, Adjoint Formulation to study uncertainty in real world problems. Inherently robust models for High Performance Computing. Methods developed: Non-Intrusive Polynomial Chaos methods, SAMBA, Adaptive Kriging, Metamodels+Monte Carlo Simulations, Rare Events modelling in aviation

Design for Additive

The UQLab is working on Robust Design for Additive Manufacturing based on our in house Topology Optimization solver TOffee. The work is carried out in close collaboration with one of the biggest company in AM market.

UQLab technology transfer

The lab is active on technology transfer, having started two spinouts, one in Additive Manufacturing and one in Artificial Intelligence.

UQLab Prizes (some of them)

3 EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship, AWS Programmable, RAEng Enterprise Fellowship, Amelia Earhart Fellowship, STEM for Britain

Present Sponsors

Baker Hughes

Airbus, UK-Fr-DE

Royal Academy of Engineering, UK


Rolls-Royce, UK

General Electric, USA-Germany

Criepi, Japan

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Prof Dr Francesco Montomoli Reader, RAEng Enterprise Fellow, visiting Prof at Univ of Padova, leading the lab, proud father of Arianna

Dr Imediegwu Chikwesiri Researcher, Baker Hughes

Dr Guglielmo Vivarelli Researcher, Rolls-Royce, with Prof Sherwin and Dr Cantwell

Dr Joao Isler Researcher, Rolls-Royce, with Prof Sherwin and Dr Cantwell

Dr Audrey Gaymann PhD student, Amelia Earhart Fellow, main TOffee developer, GE and Smith Institute of Mathematics

Dr Marco Pietropaoli EPSRC Fellow (from Oct 2018), PhD Student, main TOffee developer

Nick Pepper PhD student, Airbus

Yuri Frei PhD student, Rolls-Royce

Valentina Bisio PhD student, Baker Hughes, co-supervisor with Prof Tagarielli

James Hammond PhD student, CDT EPSRC

Niklas Isaksonn PhD student

Mayu Sakuma PhD student at TUM, supervisor Wüchner Roland (Montomoli external advisor)


Riccardo Friso University of Ferrara, PhD student


Academic Collaborations

Prof F Martelli

U. of Florence

Prof B Rosic

University of Oxford

Prof S Salvadori

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Prof M Carnevale

University of Bath, UK

Prof G Cavazzini

University of Padova, Italy

Prof M Pinelli

Universita di Ferrara

Dr L Gerardo Giorda

Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, BELEMET Project

Prof E Scalas

University of Sussex

Prof M Carpentieri

University of Surrey

Dr Wüchner Roland


Dr Eiji Sakai

Criepi, Japan

Dr Luis Crespo

Nasa Langley

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References full list


2018 Montomoli, Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Aircraft Engines, Publisher: Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-92943-9

2015 Montomoli F, Carnevale M, Massini M, D'Ammaro A, Salvadori S, Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Aircraft Engines, Publisher: Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-14681-2


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